Divide And Dissolve are Takiaya Reed & Sylvie Nehill, a heavy two-piece band based in so called melbourne, australia). They utilize drums, guitar, saxophone and live effects to create music designed to decolonise, decentralise, and destroy white supremacy. Takiaya is from Turtle Island (so called United States) and part Cherokee and Sylvie grew up in Geelong and is part Māori. We always are seeking to pay respect to our ancestors. Divide and Dissolve have quickly become one of the most talked about live acts and are renowned for their bone crushing wall of amps that take over the room, creating a powerful and unforgettable experience unlike any other. Performing sold-out shows at home & abroad. Launching their latest LP Abomination on Dero Arcade in the midst of showcasing their incomparable sound at SXSW, 2018, Divide and Dissolve have incontrovertibly arrived.